The Probate Courts in Texas are continuing to assist citizens in handling the need to probate estates even during the Pandemic. Over recent years, all of the Texas Courts have adopted Electronic Filing requirements. These requirements mandate the submission of Court Filing through an internet portal.

A positive side effect of this system is that it reduces contact between individuals. Documents may be submitted and approved without the need for the Attorney to travel to the courthouse.

The Courts have also implemented other measures to reduce contact during the Pandemic. My office attempts to use technology to allow clients to submit information quickly and easily.

The following methods help to reduce personal contacts during the probate process:

  • Use of a secure messaging system and secure portal for the submission of Probate Information by the client;
  • Use of a secure messaging system and secure portal for the transmission of proposed and completed documents to the client;
  • Use of online conferencing systems to consult with clients and potential clients;
  • Use of secure messaging to send and receive communications from clients;
  • Use of electronic filing to file documents with the Courts;
  • Participation in Court hearing using the Zoom online conferencing system, eliminating the need for clients to travel to the Courthouse;
  • Preprinting of documents requiring a client’s signature in order to minimize the client’s time and exposure in the office;
  • Execution of documents typically executed in Court in the attorney’s office.

My use of a secure client messaging and portal system, in combination with phone and internet conferencing, allows you to pursue a probate matter with minimal trips outside of your home. The only time that you may be required to appear in the office is during the actual execution of documents requiring notarization.

Please call if you would like to discuss estate planning or probate issues. 817-284-0292. There is no charge for phone or office conferences in the event that you do not decide to engage my services. If you would like me to contact you, please use my Contact Form.

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